2015 In Review Part 1: The News

2015 has been a hell of a year for games and hardware, we got to see some of our most beloved franchises getting sequels, some brand new IPs and ideas and of course we got to experience a shitload of problems with our favorite gaming platform, Steam. Some previously console exclusive franchises came to PC in […]

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Welcome to the new and revamped X Blog! It has been a while since we were active and we know, but for 2016 we are coming back with full speed. After several failed attempts to maintain the blog because of different difficulties, we are now coming back with a brand new staff assortment and full […]

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PC Gaming News (06.22.2014)

Watch Dogs Purposely Downgraded For PC ? In recent news a community modder found a way to re-enable the graphics options which were shown back in 2012, making the game much prettier and not affecting performance, but speculations lead us to belive that either Ubisoft are utterly incompetent, which is probably not the case or that Sony […]

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Blog Update !

There has been a lot of stuff going on lately and I feel it’s important to keep our readers updated. There are several main things you should know. For some time, I was the only one posting on this blog, but since I couldn’t actually manage to write the amount of articles I wanted published per […]

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