Helldivers PC Review

Summary Helldivers is an isometric, twin-stick, co-op shooter developed by Arrowhead Studios and published by Sony Entertainment. Originally exclusive to Sony’s consoles, with little hope of coming to PC, but to the delight of many of us, made its way to Steam towards the last quarter of 2015. The game introduces itself with a series of […]

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Blade Symphony Review/Overview

  Yesterday Blade Symphony officially came out and I decided to review the game since I have been playing it from its Early Access alpha stages and believe it deserves more attention than it gets. My play time is somewhere around 30 hours and I have closely watched the game development from the beginning. Blade Symphony is […]

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Dishonored PC Review

  I beat Dishonored on every difficulty and I still want to play more!  I can easily say this game kick ass! It is a must buy for every lover of the Stealth or Action genres and even for people who are new to this types of games!  Lets find out why this game kicks […]

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