The Games That Changed Us (Part 2)

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In this series we share our most favorite and the most influential for us games. These are the games which have affected our gaming lives the most out of everything we’ve played. Story or gameplay wise these games are what helped us shape our taste. They helped us develop our own standards for certain genres and are factors when it comes to our expectations of future games.

The list you’ll read below, and lists for upcoming articles of the same series are completely subjected to our personal opinions, keep that in mind while reading.

The rules are: No more than one game per franchise; lists are in no particular order; PC games only (not exclusives, but released for PC).

Bailey’s Top 20 PC Games



Pew, pew, pew! It’s just fun. From the stories, to the combat, to its.. Unique assortment of characters. I mean, who doesn’t want to fearlessly jump off of a cliff, while simultaneously shooting a psychopath in the face? Although, the most enjoyable aspect for me is the comedy. Borderlands has this way of being so dark, and twisted, yet also hysterical, and upbeat all at the same time.



Beautiful is the best word that comes to mind to describe a game where I found myself requiring recovery time between episodes. It may, or may not be responsible for at least a fourth of my uploaded screenshots on Steam. Coming from someone who typically doesn’t care in terms of spoilers, I have never been so relieved about going into something with minimal information. Life is Strange is truly an experience, that is best absorbed through direct interaction, and I highly recommend aiming for that as well.



There is something very satisfying about not just completing complex puzzles, but the atmosphere, and mechanics of Portal as a whole. Come on, you know those gel physics had you staring in awe at least once. Just me? Probably. But it’s not all just about fun goo, and test chambers, the story is pretty great, too. Will you make it out?



Dota 2 was the entrance into E-Sports as well the genre of MOBA’s for me, and has maintained its spot as my number one. While I’m not sure that I would consider myself good at the game, it’s something I have had a lot of enjoyment from, and strive to become better at in the future. Which is something I have to thank my noble companion(s) for as I more than likely wouldn’t have stuck to it or reached the skill level that I am now, alone.



Saints Row cleverly mixes inappropriate humor with gang culture to cook up a stew called “What am I doing with my life?” Using weapons with well fitted titles, The Penetrator, and Fart in A Jar, to eliminate the enemy groups, taking ownership over each city in the process. Rewarding you with unlockables that, in time, make you virtually indestructible.



As a big fan of both Telltale, and the The Walking Dead as a whole, this was a very anticipated combination that did not let me down. Just like the show, and comic books, it’s very character driven, which is something I appreciate from a zombie franchise. Little Clementine could, and has stolen the hearts of many, including myself.



The world is your weapon when public enemy number one is rotting flesh. Got a lawnmower, and a 2 by 4? A little less about the characters in this apocalyptic universe, and more so enjoying yourself. Cross dressing, and getting drunk as you experiment with the ridiculous weaponry that Dead Rising has to offer.



Alice in Wonderland was already borderline creepy, so why not go full out disturbing? Exploring the dark past, and hallucinations of an eternally traumatized young Alice, who blames herself for the death of her parents. Your armory consists of what you may feel are quite useless items for combat, and more for culinary purposes, such as a kitchen knife, or a pepper grinder, but they do the job in the places you will visit. Becoming much more deadly against that of flying pig snouts, and teapots.



Can you tell that I am partial to sequels? I didn’t notice myself until putting together this list. Torchlight 2 is a top down RPG dungeon crawler with a steam punk feel. It’s story consists of multiple Acts that expand your world even further, encountering new challenges, and useful gear along the way. Its four classes allow customization through diverse build possibilities, and that’s without even considering the assortment of mods to try out.



Another common denominator between a lot of the games mentioned is that I’m a sucker for games where your decisions make an impact on not only the gameplay, but the story. Dishonored is no exception. Playing the roll of Corvo, who is a quiet assassin, with the capabilities to go rogue and kill everyone in sight using his array of supernatural abilities. Not only its playstyle options, but Dunwall itself offers a lot of variety. Traversing through the city you will find multiple ways to complete the levels, missions to discover, and locals to interact with.



Here we go with the emotions again. To the Moon is a tiny 2D adventure RPG with a powerful story, and beautiful music. I have yet to hear from someone who played it without them being moved. Full to the brim with foreshadowing and tiny details that may be meaningless in the moment, but tie together in the end in ways you would never expect.



Call of Duty, so cliche, I know. But I have always enjoyed the Black Ops games the most. Zombies was of course, the main selling point, especially in the second game, where they incorporate the bus for TranZit, traveling from location to location in between waves, or just battling your way through the fog. Not to forget the star of the show, your trusty robotic bus driver.



Surprise, surprise. Grand Theft Auto had to make an occurrence somewhere. It’s classic energy keeps it as one of the best, both online, and offline. Following the intense story of Michael, Franklin, and my personal favorite, Trevor Phillips. A hilarious Canadian redneck who has never really fit in with the rest of the world, resulting to the life of crime with his buddies.



Trine is a 2D puzzle-based fantasy platformer with magnificent environments and narrative that I found breathtaking, with a fun story to boot. Utilizing the many different specialties of your heroes, Armadeus the wizard, honorable knight Pontius, and Zoya, a thief, to progress from level to level exploring many mysterious areas.



From the moment I heard of this game, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Remote control cars, and sports were a combination meant to be. There are many strategies and tricks to master that can put you with the best of the best as far as skill levels, such as dribbling, air shots, and becoming an efficient goalie.



Its name doesn’t lie, you better have those berries, and bunnies handy for harsh climates and vicious enemies. As a survival game, Don’t Starve isn’t shy about the number of ways it tries to kill you, but that, along with the cutesy art, just makes it all the more fun. Flower crowns that keep you from going insane, seems legit.



Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG with one of the most friendly game communities I have yet encountered. Inviting new players with open arms, and offering their guidance as much as possible as you try to figure everything out – And there’s a lot to figure out. Its large map supplies much to experience, and explore, including over a dozen daily world bosses to conquer with the help of others. PvP for the game includes, but isn’t limited to just a small group split between teams, World versus World, which is fought in a large map with hundreds of people spewing abilities, and weapons every which way to defend their bases against one another in all out war.



In the ever growing, ever changing world of Minecraft there are endless possibilities. When I first purchased the game, especially, there were countless hours spent learning the way of the land. Building masterpieces, (or the lack there of) caring for my animals, and collecting all of the loot I could muster, not to mention the all-nighter spent attempting to kill the Ender Dragon.



The amount of time you could spend in this game without ever completing it, or quality of content slowing down is truly insane. Creating a virtual life for yourself with a variety of classes, and skill builds to choose from. You could even find a lover to tie the knot, if you so desire. A variety of classes, and skill builds to customize, and that make each playthrough different from the last.



Not gold, or platinum, the original Roller Coaster Tycoon. This may seem like a silly, or unfitted addition, but it’s a game that I thoroughly enjoyed from a very young age, and still do when the time is right. It holds a lot of personal nostalgia, as I remember being a wee thing happily building rides, and drowning anyone who was dumb enough to wander off the beaten path.




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