Dota 2: 2016 Shanghai Major

The new year brings new feats in competitive gaming. The newest, and current focus, as far as Dota 2, are the Majors. During the fall of 2015, the Majors were born, beginning their ever moving journey in Frankfurt, Germany, only to announce the next being planned for Shanghai, China. Consisting of eight invited teams, as well as eight additional qualifiers, presenting two from each of the four regions, America, Europe, China, and South East Asia.

The Shanghai Major is a tournament with a hefty prize pool of $3,000,000 US dollars, and will be set in Shanghai, China between the dates of March 2nd, and March 6th of 2016. Coverage of the sixteen competitors during this time will be shown by the Twitch stream Beyond the Summit, which will feature notable casters with recognizable faces for competitive Dota, such as Dakota Cox, Ben Wu, David Gorman, and more.

Among the invited teams include:
Evil Geniuses
Team Secret
Virtus Pro
Vici Gaming

Following up the second half of the competing teams, are those who played during the qualifier during the beginning of this month, showing their strength against fellow players, and a few fresh faces:


LGD Gaming

Team Liquid
Team Spirit

Complexity Gaming
Team Archon

South East Asia:
MVP Phoenix 

Last year was a big year for Dota 2, which brought huge changes to the game, and teams themselves. We can only hope that this year will not be any less exciting, as it is bringing new heroes, new teams, and even new tournaments to the scene. Hope to see you there!

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